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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Best Gals

I have debated on posting this, but I just love these cards and these gals so much, that I wanted to share with you how I asked my bridesmaids to in fact, be my bridesmaids. A lot of people nowadays are opting to "pop the question" to their nearest and dearest ladies. And why not? They are the ones who have stood by your side probably a lot longer than your man has. I wanted each girl to have their own special card. 
I kept coming across cards on Pinterest that had cute poems but none of them really struck my fancy. They were either too cheesy or just didn't fit for me. So, for the first time in my life, I tried my hand at poetry. I'm not even sure how I feel about poetry that rhymes (cheesy, not cheesy? I still have not decided), but nonetheless, I wanted the cards to be as personal to our friendship as possible. 
I chose photos of Kendra, Holly and Julie on their wedding days, then favorite photos of Whitney, Alison and Audrey. I drew them in Adobe Illustrator, altered a favorite drawing of a flower I had already done and then carefully laid out each one. 
Alison was away in the Caribbean last summer so I had to unceremoniously send her the card via email. Poor Alison, basking in the sun all summer, right? I sent a box full of balloons stuffed with random things that reminded me of both Kendra and Julie since they both lived in Memphis. Holly was visiting around the same time, so I decorated my guest room with her card, balloons and her knick-knacks as well. Since Whitney lives two miles from me, I snuck into her house and did the same thing. I unearthed several things from our youth and tied balloons to it like I did for Holly. Each person had three things that reminded me of them...Julie had a little turtle because we had an awesome experience with sea turtles on a girls trip, Holly had a cupcake because we would always indulge in cupcakes when we lived together, Kendra had some Chi Omega things because she was my sorority little sister, Whitney had a hilarious amulet from a 90's game we always played (Tales of the Crystals, anyone?). For my flower girl, I sent a little bouquet of flowers to her and had my mom give her the card. She sent me back a cute video saying yes! Alison got the short end of the stick...but once again, she was in the Caribbean (and was soon leaving so no sense in sending her things) besides, she now gets to be a part of this blog (wink).
So, I would encourage all you brides out there to take a cue from all the Pinterest ideas, but most definitely put your own spin on things. Make these special moments more personal. If you need assistance with that, I am here to help! Contact me at or leave a comment below! I am working on something similar to this style with family portraits for stationary, so if you are interested in that as well, please let me know! I love to customize! -Laurie

 PS-Kendra is now expecting a baby girl! Congrats, Kendra & Trey!

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