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Friday, September 6, 2013

First Friday: Leigh Viner

A few years ago, I have no idea how, I stumbled across fashion illustrator Leigh Viner. I'm so glad that I did stumble across her work, because I fell in love with fluid, simple lines, graphic color quality and the intense emotion of the eyes in her work. Even her photographs and paintings of buildings drew me into their moody, yet vibrant interiors. Fashion illustration is such a beautiful niche to explore artfully as well, so that was an added bonus of my love for her pieces. Check out her shop and see what speaks to you. For our September First Friday, I got to interview Leigh and am so delighted that she joined us today on Paper Pearl!-Laurie

1. What is your art background and how did you turn to fashion illustration?
I am mostly self taught. I took a few classes in college and and in high school, basic drawing and film photography, but have been drawing as far back as I can remember. With my fashion illustrations, it was an organic process as fashion and editorial photography have always been an influence most of my life as well. 

2. Take us through the process of one of your illustrations. Is it a process of mediums?

Definitely a process of mixed mediums for the majority of them. I sketch in pencil first until I get the basics then focusing on the eyes in greater detail. The rest I just go with the flow in the moment. I then detail with pen and watercolors mostly, again in the moment.
Once I feel it is complete for the original, I take a high res photo of it for the print versions and enhance colors and details through Photoshop. 
I hope to this winter though to create more fine art oils, it is an entirely different process that takes more time and patience, but love it for that exact reason, a very meditative technique for me.  

3. Other than fashion, where do your inspirations and aesthetic come from? 

I love foreign and classic films, music, traveling by far in an obsessive way, and I am always reading a million things at once, so inspiration is definitely there in abundance almost to a fault.

4. You have gotten to work for Lady Gaga for VH1 Save the Music. What was your inspiration behind the artwork you did for that?
I actually already had the print up in my shop that she loved, so I was able to work from that piece and add the text for her album. I will be bringing it back out for sale hopefully by the end of this year. 

5. The eyes in your pieces are so compelling. Do you create the eyes first or last?

Definitely the eyes first. They are one of the main sources for expression and creating a visual connection with the audience. 

6. Do you have any new work coming out?

I do yes, quite a few actually that I am not able to share just yet for commercial clients. I also have a few other personal pieces that I need to complete and will share very soon. 

Quick-Answer Questions:
Paintbrush or camera? Both
Yellow or pink? Pink
Flats or heels? Both
Mascara or lipstick? Both
Paper or Pearl? Paper

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