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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Crafts I'm Falling For

Strips of awesome paper, mod podge and pumpkins? Yes, please

I really wish I had a day to just sit down and craft my heart out with no other agenda or obligation other than making pretty things. Life seems to get so jam-packed with things you have to do that it's easy to let those "you" moments go. Then, you wish you had done it after you look around your home and it's end of September and there are no fall decorations up. I had it in my head that I would make decorations the way I wanted them to go with my home but as of right now, it hasn't happened. I've been sick, busy trying to get my Fanciful Ink site up, teaching BarreAmped classes (while sick, yes) and currently planning a birthday party for my hubby. See what I mean? I can't even relax on a sick day! So maybe once my parents come to visit this weekend, we can have a fun crafting time (my mom and I anyway...not the men!). I love any of these simple ideas that would require minimal creating and maximum fun. I like those results! Now I just need to decide which one to do first...

Easy and cheap: Fill vases with colorful bags of beans in layers. Bonus: you can still use the beans later on, you know, when you're not decorating with them. 

I love the personalization of your house number on a pumpkin, but I've never thought of your state! Also, this acorn candle holder would be so easy with a glue gun and a little acorn foraging. 

Little bits of paint on some picked up pine cones grouped together is an easy, pretty garland. 

Now this pumpkin is seriously cool. And how easy is that? Is that a cinnamon stick as a topper? Mmm.

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