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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: 48 Hours in Nashville, Must Eat!

Ok peeps. Planning a trip to Nashville anytime soon? Live there and can't decide where you want to eat on your upcoming three day weekend? I've got a few ideas for ya. This past weekend we made a quick trip to our beloved Nashville, just before celebrating our nuptials that took place there, to meet a very special little boy and hang with his big sister, momma and poppa. A weekend trip to Nashville is one of my favorite but also dreaded things. There are so many people and places I love and not enough time to visit all of them. Breaks my heart a little. But, leaves me wanting more too which is never a bad thing.

Ok, now that I have shared my heart...I know you just want to know about the food. I would if I were you. Spare me the gushy details you know?

Our first foodie stop: Mitchell's Deli. Three years ago we distributed the cutest little "Must See" booklets (thanks to the best maid-of-honor) of our favorite spots to our out-of-town wedding guests...Mitchell's was included. We introduced the best maid-of-honor and her husband to Mitchell's this past weekend when they joined us for lunch. I feel confident in saying they are believers. We love this little East Nashville gem. The hubs has tried every delectable sandwich on their menu and even ate there on the day of our wedding. I am faithful to my favorites and cannot go astray from their amazing combination. My top two sandwiches: turkey, apple, brie and the turkey avocado. Oh. My. Gosh. I need one right now. The turkey, apple, brie has the most amazing cranberry and jalapeno relish that is not too spicy, tangy or sweet. It balances the gooey brie so nicely. The turkey avocado is topped with the most perfectly cooked, crispy bacon; and of course, don't forget the small mound of sprouts and melted cheddar. No matter what the sandwich, be prepared for awesome bread. Go have a sandwich, grab a seat on the back terrace and maybe save room for ice cream from Sip Cafe next door. Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

Next stop: Marche. Also in our "Must See" booklets. This dream of a french-inspired restaurant is a perfect choice for lunch or dinner. Even more perfect, their brunch. We met Laurie and her main squeeze for a bite. Their french toast will blow your mind. Blow. Your. Mind. It is not made with sliced bread either...croissant. The most perfectly cooked croissant french toast with warm syrup and maybe a side of bacon. I never regret it one bit. Laurie had, what we named, the bruchetta omelet. It was filled with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and a bit of garlic. We both looked at each other, dumfounded, wondering why we had never thought of this perfect combination before. They also had a steak and eggs on the menu that sounded decidant. Oh, let me not forget. The most perfect "appitizer." A piece of wheat toast, covered in house-made ricotta and topped with a fresh peach and drizzled with honey. Absolute perfection. I know I am using perfect a lot...cut me some slack. Just remember I am writing this DAYS later and still feeling this strongly....

Final stop: Holland House. Nashville Originals Restaurant Week was ending the weekend we were in town and I am so glad we caught it. We were able to enjoy three courses at Holland House for a great price! The live-in best uncle/sitter ever(!) was put to work and Paper Pearl guest blogger, Frazier, his wife, my hubs and I went out for a night on the town! Well, at least to Holland House anyway...we are getting old and retire early these days. Maybe I am speaking for myself as I am always the first to fall asleep during late-nite chats with these guys. Ok, the food. Incredible. This place is not only known for their creative and well-made cocktails but also for their bites. There were two appatizers, three entrees and three desserts to choose from for one flat price thanks to Resturant Week. As there were four of us we got to taste them all. While every single dish we had was amazing, I have to say I got the best dish. Their risotto with fresh mushrooms, heirloom squash and a hoecake was SO GOOD! The risotto was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The mushrooms were in abundance and the squash was a yummy, yet a sad reminder that summer is coming to an end. I forgot to mention the corn chowder to start! It was topped with crispy bacon and roasted peppers that gave it a little zing! I am going to need to figure out how to recreate it at home.

Sorry I do not have more images to share. Often times the resturants are so dimly lit or, more likely, I get too excited about my food and forget to document it before savoring every last bite.

I hope you are able to try one or all of these fine establishments. You will not regret it! Let us know if you do and what you have! I would love to hear about your experience as well.

Tasty travels to ya!


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