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Friday, August 23, 2013

Paper or Pearl?

Happy Friday! We here at Paper Pearl decided to do a fun little post for you. We love those rapid fire questions where you have to pick one or the other, first thing that comes to mind! So we decided it would be fun to get in front of the camera, do a little something silly and let you get to know us a little better. Let us know your answers to our questions in the comments below! Paper or Pearl? We really like both! It's a hard decision -Alison & Laurie


1.Silver or Gold?
Silver on my body. Gold in my life (aka my house).
2.Flats or Heels?
3.Pushups or Crunches?
Crunches. I have always been self-conscious about my upper body strength. I am getting better though.
4.Spring or Fall?
Fall. Duh. 
5.Watercolor or Oil?
Oil. I need a lot of paint on a canvas. 
6.Land or Sea?
West Coast...mountains falling into the that cheating? 
7.Strawberry or Blueberry?
8.Book or Movie?
Movie. I wish I said book. I want to read more.
9.Snow White or Cinderella?
Snow White
10.Paper or Pearl?
Oh no! I! Uh! I...paper!


Tulip or Peony?     
Peony. White please.
Garden or Farmers Market?     
Farmer's market…our garden is a baby right now. 
Dress or Pants?     
Dress in the summer hands down….really, dress any time. 
Juice or Smoothie?     
Fresh-pressed juice!
Gilmore girls or The New Girl?     
Oy with the poodles! Gilmore Girls. Always. 
Italy or Morocco?     
AHHH! Uhhh. Italy, really. Morocco is my love too, especially in my home.
Theater or the Ballet?     
East or West coast?     
East. Fall foliage and lots of history. 
Gym or Barre?      
BARRE! Shake to change. Better than any gym. 
Paper or Pearl?      
Pearl of course. Although I do work in paper. But imagine what I could do working with pearl!

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