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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Revamp that chocolate cake!

For any of you who have fallen short of removing a moist cake from the oven...I am here to help! There was this one time when I made one of the best chocolate cakes ever (Hershey's Perfect Chocolate cake - back of the Hershey's cocoa container) and did not adjust my baking time to account for increasing the number of layers baked. What happened? You guessed it. Dry chocolate cake. This cake was for the party of a lifetime! Laurie's bachelorette party!! What was I to do?! Think quick and improvise! I had a trip to make and a bride to shower with luv.

musical interlude (please tell me you watched The Nanny):
what was she to do?
where was she to go?
she was out on her fanny!

I had to come up with something that would add moisture and not take away from the flavor of the cake. I always have nutella on hand (what person in their right mind doesn't?!) and I knew raspberries always go well with chocolate without being soupy like strawberries can get. Problem solved! Grab a fork, mash my raspberries (leaving a few whole for garnish) and mix in some nutella! So, instead of using the wonderful home-made frosting for the center layers I used the nutella/raspberry mixture and all was not lost! How much should you use of each? Should there be a limit? Use your best judgement. Do not expect a remarkable transformation...the critic will still notice the cake is a bit dry but you will still have enough confidence to serve it in a crunch and know that no one will know the wiser. Be sure to refrigerate once you have added this filling.

Say you have a white or yellow cake...try some lemon curd maybe; if you like that or stick with the raspberry and nutella idea. Jam or preserves might do the trick if it the cake isn't super sweet. You could also whip up a vanilla pudding to add to the middle. Yum! (Make sure to refrigerate that for sure.) As I always say, get creative people! The sky is the limit!

May your cakes always be moist and yummy...but when they are not, think nutella. :-)


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