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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Must Eats in NYC

View from the Williamsburg Smorgasburg

Ok peoples. As our time in NYC wraps up I thought it only appropriate to bring you my top tasty finds. This is really all you need to know about the city if you are smart. Or just a lot like me. But then again I am smart too....

I have already shared some favorites like Clinton Street Baking Company and Amy's Bread. Have I told you all about L'Arte del Gelato? I can't remember. Just go there too and eat their nutella gelato. You will thank me.

On to places I haven't told you about. I may be in mourning in the next couple of months when I don't have the world's food at my fingertips. Please keep me in your thoughts. I'm sure I will recover. There are still places in Knoxville I have yet to try and even more in Nashville. I'm sure Laurie will welcome a visit from her favorite foodie.

Sorry...a little ADD. Here is what you really want.


Murray's Bagles
This staple food of NYC is a few blocks from our apartment and I am so glad. Don't expect them to toast your bagel (they are too fresh to toast they say) but do expect more cream cheese than one should consume in one setting. I have learned to get it on the side. Everything is good.

Petite Abeille
If I told you about this place before just ignore this and know that I have gone back more than once and still love their omelets and waffles. I may not have mentioned their lunch and dinner menu is fantastic too. Belgian food is good. Soul food. 

Stumptown Coffee
As you can tell from the photo above I am not a coffee drinker. At all. I was forced to try again and again it didn't work. If you are a coffee drinker this might be mecca for you. It is for my hubs. There is a new location in The Village right near our apartment. It is a beautiful building so go check it out.


Saigon Shack
We can be at this place in minutes. Located on our street and serving comforting Vietnamese food hot and fast this little "shack" is a gem. It is low-priced and so good.

Miss Lilly's Cafe
Best Jerk Chicken since Grand Cayman 2012. So so good! There is a cheaper cafe serving up authentic Caribbean cuisine and a higher-end restaurant serving your favorite whole fish and other scrumptious tropical dishes. I have heard this is a good place to spot a star or two.

Katz's Deli
As seen above the sandwiches are HUGE. If you are brave feel free to eat one of the classic, world-famous pastrami sandwiches by yourself. If you are smart split it with someone else. The matzo ball soup is also pretty special I hear. Don't expect these pickles to taste like a Vlasic. They are a Katz's pickle not Vlasic.  

Dos Caminos
The guacamole is fantastic. As are the tuna taco/lettuce wraps. Really everything we have tried is fantastic. They don't let you down with the margaritas either. Do be prepared to pay a bit more than you would at the local Mexican Restaurant down the street. The location we frequented is in SOHO so do some shopping and then have a bite to eat.

Mary's Fish Camp
MY FAVORITE. This Village eatery is so my favorite. I have had three different entrees and salads, appetizers and desserts as well. I have never, never been disappointed. It is a small corner restaurant with tons of character. If I lived here I would be a regular. On our last visit we spotted Ms. Liv Tyler leaving. I so have class and good taste people. Listen to me when I speak.

Smorgesburg (Sat. & Sun. only)
This food event is amazing. A must see for food lovers in NYC for sure. There is a Bolivian food vendor with some very tasty bites and a refreshing homemade tropical soda. If you see an incredibly long line for a vendor it is probably for the best pork BBQ sandwich you have ever tasted. Even in NYC they know BBQ.

Also in the Village, this Italian eatery serves its guests from their rooftop garden. The restaurant is as beautiful as the food. Try their focaccia for sure. 


Pardon the poor is dark and romantic Serendipity.

Serendipity 3
While this NYC staple also has a delicious dinner menu their desserts are out of this world. Out of this world in size and taste. Their resturant has been seen in countless movies and their frozen hot chocolate is famous for a reason. Did I mention the owner is from Arkansas?

Il Cantuccio
Favorite new Italian cookie. The fig is the best.

Milk Bar
This famous little dessert bar is a must try. Be sure to at least taste their cereal milk ice cream. And of course the crack pie.

Of course Employees Only was dark, all good lounges get the idea.

Employees Only
I had the most delectable fresh strawberry cocktail here. 

You feel like you are in someone's kitchen at Raines. It is so perfect. After you get your beverage your are welcomed into the sitting room with the most lovely velvet couches you have ever seen and a pull cord for service if you need it.

Raines Law Room 
They have the prohibition bar thing down to a science. Go ring their bell and enjoy the experience. 

One would never have enough time and money to taste all this city has to offer. I realized this within the first week of my arrival and was deeply saddened. Just do your best and start with one of these perfect suggestions.


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