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Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Friday: NYC Street Artist

Vartouhi Pinkston - This was a piece she was painting as I passed.

I share my deepest apologies as the First Friday post for July is a bit delayed. Here is what happened. Friends in town for the weekend combined with living in NYC. I know you have heard this city never sleeps. Well, it is true. So here I am on this steamy Sunday afternoon sharing some art with you that is a bit more feminine than what I have shared in the past. I really wanted to give you all a taste of the amazing things you can see on the sidewalks of this great city.

I found Vartouhi Pinkston and her art outside of The Museum of Modern Art in NYC. She and a number of other artist set up shop most days of the week outside of the museum to work and sell their art. I was drawn to the color palate of her etchings. I also loved the clean and simple look of the work. I am hunting for that perfect piece of NYC art/memoriablilia and Vartouhi's etchings might just be the winner. Please visit her the next time you are in the city and visit her website as well to see more work.



  1. These cards look so simple but amazing.

    1. You are correct! Find her art online and tell her Paper Pearl sent you! -Alison



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