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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fourth fancy

at the lake

Fourth of July is the epitome of summer. The day is long, spent with friends and family soaking up the sun and preparing for that perfectly American feast at sunset. Ice cream, hot dogs, potato salad, fireside s'mores…amongst laughter and play. Whether you are going to spend your July 4 in the water, at a lazy picnic or by the fire watching those bursts of color and light in the sky, enjoy the day we celebrate our independence. I will be celebrating the sunset in Key West and watching the fireworks from our resort. Even though I haven't been there in a few years to enjoy it, the lake is my favorite place to be on the 4th of July. The past few years we have been on cruises and haven't gotten to see fireworks, so this year I am glad to have my feet in American soil (sand really) and can enjoy Key West's fireworks with my family. 

At the lake: Sport those stars and stripes, bikini style. Throw on a loose, lightweight nautical sweatshirt over some fun shorts (try making these yourself!), grab a Coke and relax.

Picnic Party: A cool white dress will keep the heat off. Definitely choose some wedges if the party is somewhat dressy. I love that small pop of Americana in those Seychelles wedges. Blankets and picnic baskets are some of my favorite things. When the sun goes down, flip some awesome lanterns on and watch the glow of the citronella candles, fireflies and fireworks.

Fireside Fireworks: Campfires or fire pits are so fun any time of year. When s'mores are involved, even better. I love the oversize American flag denim shirt and the little booties (not together) for an outdoor get-together. A cozy blanket, a wooden bench, campfire stories and even a plush little log pillow make for an adorable setting to laze. 


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