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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad

Dad's day is right around the corner. With the hype of Man Month around us, I am drawn to more and more rustic looks. It could be partly because of living in Nashville, partly because of having a man around all the time, partly because of the raw aesthetic. I love the graphic quality of the three superhero prints, and the rest of the Etsy shop is awesome as well-perfect for a man cave! I've seen wooden watches before and think they are so cool for a man, as well as that wooden iPhone case. Personalization and monograms can be manly too. I love the TailorByrd shirts for the men in my life. The contrasts of colors and patterns are really fun and unexpected from the typical button-down. My dad loves Sanuks. For a man who could care less about fashion, that is saying a lot. He wears these shoes out. I like the contrast of the one above, but there are so many options, it's hard to pick just one. On to dad loves to grill, especially on his Holland Grill (which he sells if you need one!) which basically can work as a second oven if you need it to. We actually have the mini guy above (the Companion) and he works just as well as any other grill. The Spice and Tea Exchange has awesome rubs and spices for just about anything. The Pirate's Bite above just screams Dad. What dad wouldn't love an awesome fold out table just for grilling? This one from Etsy has holders for grilling tools and an expansive top perfect for that little Holland Grill Companion!
Speaking of grilling, my dad shared a recipe for you to try out below!

Dad's Boston Butt (you want to make this for your man, trust me)

Boston Butt
Dale's liquid seasoning
Seasoning salt of your choice

Marinade the meat for 6 hours with seasoning salt and Dale's covering the surface completely. Place on a grill or oven at 400 degrees. Cook 15 minutes per pound, cooking approximately 2 hours. Remove and double wrap meat in aluminum foil. Place back in the grill or oven for another 2 hours. Remove and let stand for 1 hour before enjoying. 

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  1. For this fathers day I bought my father a pair of shoes from France, he loved it a lot and was happy to have it.



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