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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Atlanta Highlands

Not the best instagram ever but you can see where we are and murphy's in the background

In need of some quality family time the hubs and I took a short trip down to the deep south a couple of weekends ago. First of all it was just awesome to see my cousins, aunt and uncle if only for 48 hours and secondly, my cousin introduced us to a neighborhood within Metro Atlanta called Virginia Highland. So fun!

Having visited my family in the past I have only ever spent time in their community of Cumming, GA, not metro ATL. I was pretty pumped to get downtown. While of course there is the constant traffic of the city there is also a good deal of character in the neighborhoods within the metro center. The neighborhood with character we visited was Virginia Highland. As the heart of the neighborhood sits on streets Virginia and Highland its name is a bit obvious.

Within this area there are 7 “commercial villages” with all the best vendors. The area that we visited was the actual Virginia Highland village. Walk a few blocks and you will find Amsterdam and N. Highland or a few blocks the opposite direction, St. Charles and N. Highland. And the walking you will enjoy. There are some of the most attractive little bungalows and stone homes that I wanted to buy on the spot. This historic neighborhood would be at the top of my list of places to live if I, A) fell into some money and B) had a desire to live in ATL.

Ok, back to the neighborhood and the things we found that you should know about for your future visit to the deep south.

Murphy’s: A must eat for sure. I was told it is one of the best restaurants in ATL, however, don’t let that scare you as the price does not reflect that as you would think it might. We dined in for Sunday Brunch which is a bit cheaper than dinner but oh so good! I enjoyed their Murphy’s T. Benedict thoroughly.
 Noche: I was told this Spanish and Southwestern tapas restaurant is top notch as well.
 Yeah! Burger: A yummy option, I am told, with burgers of course. These burgers and dogs are made with meat from respectable farm sources and they also have gluten-free and vegetarian options as well.
 Bella Cucina: Found in a couple of photos below, this little gourmet italian shop is a must see. I just want everything there.
 Cacao: Most fancy chocolate shop I have ever stepped foot in. Just go look at it. You might feel like you were transported to another place in this store. Their website says, “Our Old World- New World aesthetic will transport you in one bite to a French apothecary and in another bite to the charming South where the integrity of the cocoa bean lies above all. “ See. Fancy.

There are tons of other little shops like an outdoor store, athletic attire, high end paper and gifts (always fun) and a number of clothing stores. I had a great time in this little neighborhood. Another fun stop near ATL is Athens, GA. Stop and see UGA and swing through town for some great eats as well. You can find just about everything the Atlanta area. 


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