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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NYC Street Fashion

Chic Women's NYC street fashion

It is the post you have all been waiting for!! What are people in NYC wearing? Answer. Everything. I haven't gotten brave enough to start photographing stylish New Yorkers so here are a few boards of inspiration. Above is the more polished look I have seen on women. I have seen more ankle boots in NYC than ever before. And I haven't seen many people wearing them in a bad way. Lots of leggings too. Sometimes those are bad but not too often. Boots, jackets and scarfs are still being worn during the cool spring days. I'm sure the temperatures are much warmer down south...

Polished NYC Lad

With a larger urban environment comes a more chic man. I am seeing lots of slim fit suit pants, high hems and bold socks. The pink polka-dot item above is an example of socks destine to peep out from under the high hems. Super fun. Lots of long sleek shoes as well as a few pocket squares here and there. And don't forget the man-purse. Necessary for the man about town.

Casual NYC Lady

Finally, the casual girl. Again, leggings and ankle boots. I'm telling you, all over town I see this. And quirky sunglasses are also all over the place. I have some myself. Makes me feel pretty hip. No big deal.

As the temperatures rise and the rain subsides I'm sure attire will adapt. I will share again when changes occur. Until then, be bold like these city folk and introduce some eclectic, unique items into your wardrobe.


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  1. NYC is such a wonderful city, because it is filled with different types of styles.



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