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Friday, May 24, 2013

NYC: Parks and Skylines from AMP

Of course everyone has heard of Central Park. Of course everyone knows the NYC skyline is one of the greatest. But, do you have any idea how big Central Park is or have you explored different vantage points for skyline sights? Well, I have caught a glimpse of some pretty impressive views of the city skyline and am happy to say that I have almost traversed the entire length of the Park (2.5 miles long). I even found myself there very early this morning enjoying my first Mariah Carey concert thanks to Good Morning America. Just in case you were wondering, yes, even at 7:30am she can hit the high notes. 
Back to the sights. Another park you may not be familiar with is Washington Square Park. This is in Greenwich Village where most of my time is spent. You will see a few shots from that park as well. It is fun to enjoy a smaller neighborhood park every once in a while. Makes you feel a little more communal. I also included one photo of the Brooklyn Bridge taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park. When I was there the weather was dismal so a quick photo with the phone was all that happened. I look forward to getting out there again and taking my camera with me. 
If you follow AMP on facebook you saw a photo I posted a few days ago of some old Kodak Brownie cameras. Well, I got my roll of film developed and I didn't totally fail! The group of four photos below are a from my very first Brownie experience. It was so so much fun to get the film back and learn what that little camera can and can't do. If you are wondering these are from the Brownie Reflex 20 (aka the one with more silver on the front if you look at the photo of the cameras).  

Skyline views from the Hudson River Park. 

Washington Square Park

The new One World Trade Center tower as seen from Greenwich Village. 


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