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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The City: Installment 1

Hello loves! I am writing my first NYC inspired post today! Oh the fun we have had in only three days. I have a feeling this will be an unforgettable summer. (I mean, I knew that before now but lets just say this thought has been confirmed.)

So our trip started a bit rocky on our first megabus ride. We sat on the bus in Knoxville hoping it would start for two long hours. Well, it finally did with the help of a mechanic. The next day I got an email from megabus saying we would be refunded in full for our grueling trip. Free trip to NYC? I'll take it! Thanks megabus! We switched buses in D.C. and got a short tour of most historical sights as we passed through...The White House, museums, Washington Monument, etc. That was a fun start to our last leg of the trip.

We reminded our legs how to work and got off the bus and found our way to our new little home in Greenwich Village. Our street is hopping. Even at night...makes for an interesting nights sleep. ha Needless to say, we are in a great area of the city. We are near a park as well that seems to host quite a lot of people during the day. A number of excited dogs and their humans too.

Monday I made a trip to Trader Joe's on foot. Let me just tell you...if you are ever in the city in need of groceries and decide TJ is where you want to stop just be prepared for craziness! I have never seen a busier grocery store in my life. It was so comical! Some of the patrons were annoyed, others knew the routine and the workers went about their routine stress-free. I mean, they were stocking the shelves in the late afternoon. I can only assume this is because they run out of items halfway through the day. The line to check-out stretched around the store and I am pretty certain a good handful of people got in line as soon as they entered and grabbed things as they made their way to check out. There was a wait to enter the store when I left. I have was so funny, stressful and awesome. The store signage pictured below says it all.

"Welcome to NYC's first Trader Joe's! The line's tiny compared to the savings"

View from our picnic rock

Yesterday was just lovely. The sun was out. It was kind of warm. Just lovely. After work I met the hubs with a few picnic items from my recent grocery run as well as a trip to Amy's Bread and we camped out in Central Park for a few hours. You can see a photo of Amy's shop below. They had some delectable looking sweets as well but I was on the hunt for some carbs to go with our meat and cheese. One of the small rolls I got was a prosciutto and pepper twist. So stinking good!! I also got an olive roll and a brioche roll. They were all awesome and all items combined, our dinner was about $8. We had such a good time sitting and enjoying our simple yet yummy dinner, walking around, taking some photos, meeting new friends (see below), etc. We didn't even see a quarter of the park. It is huge! I can't wait to explore it again.

Not sure if it is a bad or good thing that I discovered this shop mere blocks from our place...

So this little face popped up over this wall...No fear.

As you can imagine (and gather from our picnic dinner) we are doing our best to enjoy this city on a budget. I'm sure I will be sharing more fun things to do on the cheap/free. Weekends though, weekends are for splurging a bit. I can't wait to check out the food scene in this city!!

To be continued...


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  1. I am SO excited for you. This is amazing! And a RACOON?! Coon gotta live I guess. Throw it a chunk next time. :)



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