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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dorm Home

Dorm Home

As pomp and circumstance rings out across the country for new graduates, those of us who have already moved our tassel to the left think of what to get the grads that will be perfect for their new adventures. It is a time to start over with some fresh decor for the tiny dorm room you want to feel spacious and cozy. While you may be drawn to crazy color combos or sea life, think about making your dorm classy, homey and something you can transition easily with after college. Chances are, you will not love that hot pink comforter after a little while. Invest in a neutral plushy comforter that you can switch up with pillows in the years to come. If you pick neutral, classy pieces now you will thank yourself later. I promise! Find pieces from Target to maximize your storage space. I love the fabric bins that fit into most of their systems. I have several in my closet and they are so handy. Vinyl decals are easy removable additions you can add to make your place feel more like home and just a little funky at the same time!
Congratulations, graduates! Coming soon, we will have a gift guide for college grads transitioning into the "real world." -Laurie

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