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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big News for You! And Alison!

Hello lovelies. I have a personal announcement that, I hope, will give you all something to look forward to. It will certainly change the content of the blog for a time.

The hubs and I are leaving on a Megabus this weekend for the bright lights and big city! NYC baby! Not only are we headed to NYC but we will call it home for half of the summer!! I’m not sure if you guys saw this post or not but we have had a couple adventurous summers while my man has been in law school. Last summer was quite tropical and incredibly beautiful; this summer will be quite the urban experience!! We are both in awe of the events that have transpired in our life. We are thankful.

Thank you Google Images

Things I know you will be hearing about/seeing:

  • How amazing the American Ballet Theatre is. We have already bought tickets. I am so so happy!
  • The Jazz scene...I will have to have significant help from the hubs as he is the resident guru.
  • Random NYC fashion here and there.
  • I hope I can tell you about celebrities I spot. We will see how good I am at that.
  • Of course I will be talking about food experiences in NYC. I’m pretty sure my excitement is about 80% food related. Can you imagine?! I can’t!! All the options we will have!! Oh dear.
  • The Jersey Shore. I plan to go experience some sort of beach up there.
  • Coney Island
  • I also hope I can tell you about being a member of studio audiences!!
  • The theatre darling, the theatre!
  • There have to be fun farmers markets here and there...totally going.
  • Good Morning America Summer Concert Series
  • The lovely Central Park

And on and on and on and on...

I hope you all will benefit from our Summer in NYC! I can’t wait to begin sharing our trip. If you have been before and have a place you love please please share it with me so we can go! I know there will be more options than we will have time for but we plan to hit the ground running so share away!


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