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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Laurie Montgomery began the Fanciful Ink blog as a creative outlet, to explore design and creativity through different means-fashion, florals, interiors, an awesome logo, a beautiful ceramic piece…the list could go on and on. "I believe inspiration for creativity and beauty lie all around us. Without realizing it, day to day elements shape our aesthetic and enhance our mood. It's a beautiful thing. I love to explore it and pass that exploration on to you."
Design has been a part of Laurie's life since birth. She grew up in an environment surrounded with beautiful colors and patterns, thanks to her mother's eye for color and keen sense of decorating, along with her father's eye for a well crafted line in any material. her family and home were the first things that she drew information from. 
Laurie loves customization and creating something specifically for someone to reflect their personality and their event and thus created Fanciful Ink. Anyone can get a cookie cutter invitation and personalize it, but having your own design is something beautiful. It's extra special and everyone deserves it. Whether it is a party invitation, a birth announcement, your personal stationary or a beautiful wedding invitation, make the event about you and your celebration. That anticipation of opening an envelope and pulling out a custom design brings so much joy to your guests. It sets the stage, it's the first piece of decor they see and their first impression of the festivities. 
Laurie received a B.A. in Graphic Design from Union University in 2008. She has previously worked as the art director of a magazine, continues as a freelance visual designer and currently is the in-house designer for a company in Nashville, Tenn. 

Alison McQuain Photography is a one woman studio recently relocated to Knoxville, Tenn. Alison worked in print media for two years with the Ventures in Publishing Media group in Nashville and has been a freelance photographer for five years.
“Clean, simple images are my favorite. The purpose of photography, to me, is to capture a moment in a person’s life that can be clearly translated to any generation. A simple expression can be enjoyed for years to come. A photograph is a mini time capsule that can last as long as you so choose. There is so much excitement contained in the act of taking one photo. You create history with each one. The moment you choose to remember, the joy of that moment, the perspective of the photographer, the reaction of the subject...there is something about it that makes me alive you could say. As cheesy as it sounds, I truly enjoy what I am able to do. There is a huge sense of creativity wrapped up in a moment that you aren’t even creating. I look forward to more shared experiences with people like you and the opportunity to refine my voice. A photographer is always growing and shaping, just as any artist does.”
While in print media, Alison photographed anything from the Tennessee Govenor’s mansion to high-end events with special guests like Taylor Swift to fashion pieces. Connecting with people through photography is a great joy of hers. Celebrating weddings, new babies and families by capturing moments in their lives cannot even be considered a job. Alison is thankful to her clients for sharing their lives with her and she looks forward to capturing more memories.
Alison studied Public Relations and Photojournalism at Union University in Jackson, Tenn.

Alison and Laurie met in college through a study abroad trip to Italy and became fast friends, especially working together right out of college. They have collaborated their businesses to create Paper Pearl, a lifestyle design blog. Enjoy!

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