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Monday, April 1, 2013

Top Chef - Knoxville

 Crown & Goose entree: braised boneless short rib hot cake taco

I recently discovered our local Cityview Magazine hosts a Top Chef event here in Knoxville and proceeds benefit local charities every year. We got an invite this year and it took no time to say yes! Twelve of Knoxville’s best, you could say top, chefs were invited to participate by creating one small plate appetizer and one small plate dessert. Yum. It was fantastic! There was a live Jazz trio, a little free wine and more food than one person can eat! Thank you so much to Cityview Magazine for hosting such a lovely event!

The clear winner in my book is Crown & Goose. This is our favorite restaurant in the city and Chef Jeffrey DeAlejandro really did have the best food. Another favorite of mine and of the night is Nama. Great plus of an event like this is finding new restaurants you didn’t know existed before. I learned of a new place that served a fantastic fish taco. Of course ballots were gathered to find out who the next Top Chef of Knoxville is but the reveal will be in the May/June issue of Cityview. Until then, let your tummy rumble a little bit while you look at my pictures.


Our friend and Cityview Editor Sarah Clark enjoying her Crown & Goose entree.

Puleo's Grille dessert: Blackberry cheesecake with chocolate pretzels, bacon, cherry sauce reduction, sweet cream & carmel

Nama dessert: Plum sherbet with cardamom reduction

Seasons dessert: White chocolate creme caramel crowned with cinnamon vanilla Chantilly cream and fresh raspberries

Bistro By the Tracks dessert: Lemon meringue "pie" with earl grey tea, honey, and blueberries (earl gray tea cream was awesome!!)

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