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Sunday, April 7, 2013

End It

I'm using this blog as a platform today to make you aware of something that is utterly astonishing in this day and age. When we think of slavery, we think back to a time long ago to a bitter war or we think of slavery in other countries across the sea. However, probably less than five miles down the road from my house a group of young girls were found enslaved in an apartment. This is a serious issue, happening all around us. I didn't even know about it until today at our church, Cross Point. They challenged us to draw a red X on our hands Tuesday, April 9 so people would ask why. 
Why? Because why would you not do something about it? Why would we continue to let this happen?

All it takes is awareness-join me in wearing a red X Tuesday for the 27 million people in modern day slavery and by becoming familiar with the End It website and simply using Facebook, Twitter or a blog to increase awareness. 
I'll even make it easier on you, just like Cross Point did for me today by making me aware and leading me to change my planned post to this. Just copy and paste either one of these to your facebook or twitter:

I'm in it to end it. Join me in the movement #enditmovement

Slavery still exists. Don't believe me? Watch this video here: and then join me and the end it movement.

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