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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Showers + Crafting Hours: It's photo time!

Welcome to my latest rainy day craft! I for real crafted on a rainy Sunday. It was pretty awesome. So was the New Girl episode I watched while crafting. I love some Z.D.

Ok, to my craft. I don’t know about you Fanciful Peeps but when I get the email from Shutterfly telling me I can get 101 free prints in the next three days I am all over that. I love having photos I can hold but I hardly ever think to print any and mostly because Wolf Camera is gone. So sad. As you can imagine I have a few photos laying around without a home...until this past Sunday. Some of them found a great home indeed.

In addition to having a number of photos lying around I also have a large sum of paper left over from wedding invitations from over two years ago! I didn’t want to go searching for the perfect photo album and spend more money than necessary so the idea came to me...scrapbook! But not really! A mini brag book so to speak. I used to hard-core scrapbook in high school and college. I have kind of gotten over it and like more of a minimalist look I guess you could say. The general outcome and purpose of scrapbooking I still love though. The nice thing about this little mini book is that the amount of supplies needed is really minimal. Even if you like to make your own greeting cards you probably have all the supplies you need right in your own home. I bought nothing for this project (well of course I bought these things at some point...).

So I bought this stamping set from Hobby Lobby on sale once. I love it. I hate my handwriting on stuff like this and these little adhesives make life a lot easier. 

Items needed (for a 25 photo book):
16 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper of your choice (the thicker the longer it lasts) - this will give you extra pages just in case
Accent paper if desired
Photo sticky squares or other photo sticky approved material
Fancy pen, marker or stamps to add captions
Hole punch
Brads or twine or ribbon to bind the book together
Paper cutter or scissors with a steady cutting hand
Ruler if you are using scissors to cut your pages
Beloved photos

Steps for your brag book
  1.  cut your paper in half horizontally
  2.  attached photos as desired
  3.   write or stamp captions
  4.  add accents if desired
  5.   hole punch
  6.   bind
I left a more room below my photos for captions. Make sure to put all your photos toward on edge of the pages so you will have enough room for the binding and your photos won't be a quarter of the way into the bind and out of view.

Could it get any easier?! My thought is that I will make multiple little books and toss them all in a large bowl or basket for a fun conversation piece or fun reminders I can browse through from time to time. My first little book consists of a December NYC weekend adventure with the in-laws. The little book probably took an hour tops from start to finish and I was so glad to reduce the amount of paper on my shelf and the number of loose photos in my basket. Totally worth it guys! Send us a photo of your little brag book! We might share it with others. 


P.S. You could get really crafty and cut a hole out of the cover so you can see the first image in the book and you won’t even have to label the will just know and it will be awesome. I’ll let you know if I get that fancy. 

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