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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Showers: Before & After Desk Area

When you merge house stuff with your spouse, things that you may not prefer to have creep into your home. However, thus is life when you create a home together. My husband set up his desk with his PC computer in our home office area but we decided with a laptop and an iPad, we don't really need the third computer. So his desk area, where the bills get paid and the finances get controlled, has transformed a little bit. With the computer gone, I added a few manlier knickknacks and found a faux chalkboard from Staples along with little cork board strips. I didn't want to paint chalkboard directly onto the wall so this alternative was easy stick to the wall. The cork strips were simple as well because it came with adhesive strips and I just lined it up right under the "chalkboard." I love the effect of dark against light on the wall and am glad David has a cute little space that he will actually use now. 

The Before:

The After:

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