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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your Riddle Answered

Last Friday I posted a fun little riddle from Einstein himself that I had fun doing the other day. So if you have worked on it, then you may or may not have figured out the answer...I'm sure you have. It just takes a little patience with it. 
I created this illustration of the riddle answer. I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself but here is a recap of who lives where, with what animal and so on and so forth. The answer to the question of who has the fish, is the German that lives in the green house. Just to make sure all your other facts are straight, here you go:

The Norwegian lives in the yellow house. He has a cat, drinks water and smokes Dunhill. 
The Dane lives in the blue house. He has a horse, drinks tea and smokes Blend. 
The Brit lives in the red house. He has a bird, drinks milk and smokes Pallmall.
The German lives in the green house. He has the fish, drinks coffee and smokes Prince. 
The Swede lives in the white house. He has a dog, drinks beer and smokes Bluemaster.

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