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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Special Announcement: Introducing Paper Pearl

Alison and I are bringing you a special announcement via video! This is the very first video for Fanciful Ink, as you can tell from our silliness and the low quality. Please pardon the interruption of my husband coming home in the middle of our video-it was too funny so we kept it in there.
This video allows us to explain to you the changes that are coming to the blog have already seen several with the obvious collaboration with Alison of Alison McQuain Photography as well as the new navigation bar and the categories for blog posts. The two biggest changes are coming-a slight name change to Paper Pearl, which will allow us to use this blog as the collaboration of Fanciful Ink and Alison McQuain Photography. We explain why we chose the name in the video. It was a fun process! Next to come will be our "Us" page with our bios, tabs and links to Fanciful Ink and Alison McQuain Photography, then our new logo, followed by a new look later this spring.
I am so excited that the blog is growing so much and with obvious growth and time, changes do happen. Rest assured, this is still the same blog you are used to, we are simply merging together. Fanciful Ink still exists as well as Alison McQuain Photography. We are both still maintaining our businesses that you always have access to and are coming together with Paper Pearl to bring fresh ideas and fun posts.
Thank you so much for reading, supporting and growing with me and now Alison.


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