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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby, baby

I don’t know about what is going in your world Fanciful people, but in, baby baby. This is not an announcement. I am not growing anything inside my person. But, man oh man, my friends are or just finished growing some! Needless to say it is a very exciting time in life and I wouldn’t trade photographing those sweet bundles for anything! Here are a few pointers if you have a new babe coming into your life.

Each child is different with each photoshoot. There are a few commonalities--most children don’t like to be cold, naked or on hard surfaces. The best way to combat these challenges in a photoshoot when parents want their children to be naked and on a hard surface is to make sure they are very sleepy. A space heater is always helpful in photoshoots like this. A good age for newborn photoshoots is 12 days old or less. Some photographers say 10 days or less. This may seem crazy for new parents bringing their first child home but this is easiest on the photographer as the babies are usually doing nothing but sleeping and eating. If clients desire the closed eye look for most of their images this is the way to go. Some babies will be fussier than others and these shoots may take longer than shoots with a sleepier baby. Don’t be self-conscious about it new moms. Most photographers are aware that these photo shoots can take up to four hours before they are comfortable with the amount a images they have. If they aren’t, shame on them! Hire me. I won’t be in a rush. :-) Shameless plug. I had to.

Another pointer or thought. Don’t stop at newborn photos. Babies change so much in the first year of their life. Make it a point to at least schedule a six month and 12 month photoshoot with your photographer at your newborn session. This way it is done and you won’t look up at eight months after their birth and say, “oh, shoot!!”

List of items to bring to your newborn session:
  • Family heirloom clothing or baby items
  • Special outfits you particularly love
  • Special blankets
  • Any items that sooth the baby (aka a pacie)
  • Diaper covers (even baby boys need a simple white diaper cover for photos)
  • Change of clothes for you and any other family member included in any shots in case you are not happy with your choices (try to stay away from being too matchy matchy...let personalities show)

List of items not to bring:
  • Too many accessories or props (the cleaner the image the better)
  • Any over opinionated family members (you hired your photographer for a reason, let them use their creativity)

Most of my favorite images I have of the babes and families I have photographed are the accidentals. The intent gaze of Miss Blakely below was not something I had planned. Really she was probably wondering what that big blob was in front of her face. Sweet yawns and smiles are byproducts of happenstance. This, well, happens when a photographer is patient and quick to draw. Here are a few images of some sweet babes I have met recently. I am so thankful their parents shared some time with me. For a look at more babes come on over.


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