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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Wedding Invitation

I wanted to share my very own wedding invitations with you. I did several invitation suites last year that I'm currently gathering together again to reorder for samples so that I can share them with you. I love working with brides to create something uniquely them and exquisitely their big day. Sometimes I like to do emblems with the couple's initials in some way, other times I like to incorporate a pattern. Usually upon initially looking at things that have influenced their wedding and a conversation about that, I can pinpoint the look at feel they want and translate that into an artful invitation. There are so many colors to choose from from my paper source and it's hard to even choose the right cream or ivory because each one has a slightly different color to it. So many decisions!
Apparently, I am my own worst critic when it comes to designing for myself. I knew the look and feel of my wedding of course-elegant, all ivory with touches of gold and classy. For the longest I could not find inspiration for my invitations though. My reception was at Union Station and it is such a beautiful setting. The perfection, however, was in that stained glass ceiling. Read about how I found my own inspiration here. I chose to do a pattern for myself, inspired completely by the design of that intricate and amazing ceiling. I have a background in stained glass too, so the fact that I found that inspiration in a huge, 60 foot stained glass ceiling was even more fitting. 
Above is the entire suite-a shimmery gold pocket fold invitation that opened out vertically to reveal the invitation and 3 corresponding cards in the pockets. One was directions for guests coming from West TN, Texas and Louisiana (sounds so southern, no?), the second was a post-card sized RSVP card that guests could fill out and easily send back to us. The third was information on accommodations and our website that recommended some of our favorite spots in Nashville for our guests to check out. You can't tell in the photo but the gold fold had a shimmer to it as did the white  paper-it was called Ice Gold, so when the light hit it, it had a beautiful gold glisten. I highly recommend that paper!
I incorporated the Montgomery crest into the design by colorizing it to match and this also went with the rehearsal dinner invitations and the wedding programs I of that to come soon!
Enjoy the design detail shots below...I'm very pleased with how it turned out. -Laurie
The photos are from my extremely talented photographer, Lily Glass.

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