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Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Changes

I've been working my Sunday away relabeling every post on this site! This is a first step toward some changes that I will announce and explain hopefully next weekend. You will see that the Navigation bar looks a little bit different now! We have created categories for easier reading. Everything is organized now, so if you come to the site wanting a recipe, go to Savory! Everything is in chronological order of course on the Home page as well as on the side bar, organized by month. 
You've known Alison McQuain to be a part of the blog now, so we have an added section called Visualize full of her photography, my designs, and the images and inspirations we draw from.
So, to help you navigate better, here are the tab categories:

Home: Everything is collected here, in chronological order.

Visualize: Fanciful Ink products, Alison McQuain Photography portfolio, graphic design and photo inspirations.

Create: A Do-It-Yourself database.

Adorn: Fashion and Home decor all in one spot...adorn yourself and your home!

Savor: Recipes & Food

Live: Health, Beauty, Lifestyle

Escape: Travel

Us: About us, our work and our friendship. 

I hope you enjoy the new changes. There will be more to come soon. I will be bringing Alison's posts from her blog over so that we can display her work and incorporate her into the site completely. So these next few weeks will be "Alison McQuain Photography Extravaganza" mixed in with some other awesome things!
As always, if you would like to see something specific on the site, please let me know. Email fanciful !

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