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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grand Cayman Dreams in an Icy Reality

As I am told of the impending doom of a potential ice storm I sit and ponder on my Grand Cayman Island days. I am not one to wish winter away--and I don’t think I am right now either--but today I dream of days in the hot sun, with the smell of sunscreen and the sounds of that sweet little horn announcing the arrival of the daily popsicle cart. So I thought, if I, the lover of all seasons in the South except Summer, am dreaming of warmer days you Fanciful people might be too. Here is to warmer thoughts. Enjoy. (Oh, and if you ever have the chance, you must visit Grand Cayman.) 
-Alison McQuain

Apparently Alison and I were imagining a little bit of warmth and a lot of bright sunshine because I put together this bright and colorful guide to make you smile warmly in a chilly January. I too love winter...but sometimes I just long for sunshine, waves and sand. 
-Laurie Montgomery

January Summer

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