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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fanciful Health Tips for Fanciful YOU!

This blog began as an exploration of design, then quickly advanced into more of a lifestyle blog. The good design of life was what I focused on because design is all around us-in fashion, interiors, products we are drawn to in the grocery store, the list goes on and on. I like to find inspiration in all of it and surround myself in the beauty of the small things. Those things are what makes us happy and makes us feel good. 
As 2013 is now in full swing, feeling good is top priority. I challenge you to take control of how you feel in a healthful new way. Maybe you already are in shape and eat healthy, so take it to the next level of trying something new and expanding your knowledge. If you have been thinking about eating better, do it! The decision has to be yours though. Once I decided to be healthier, I loved that decision. It led to so many other areas of contentment in my life. I'm not sure where you are in your quest for a fanciful, healthful you but I wanted to share my daily tips with you just to jump start this week's "Fanciful Health, Fanciful You" series. 

Eat foods that are as close to coming from the earth as possible. 

Try to invest in organic produce, because it's as close as farm fresh in a grocery store. If you don't want to pay a little extra for organic, make sure you get an organic fruit and veggie cleaner and clean them thoroughly. If the sticker is a five digit code beginning with a 0 or is a 4 digit code, it is conventionally grown. Just be sure to clean them well before eating. If a sticker has 5 digits beginning with a 9, it is organically grown (clean those too of course). If it has 5 digits beginning with 8, it is genetically modified, so stay away from that one! 

Check the nutrition information and the ingredients. If you can't pronounce an ingredient, hesitate to buy it. If there are may be two ingredients you can't pronounce, it's likely okay. You should know what is going in your body without having to google it. 

Take a trip to the farmer's market. You will be helping out the local economy and eating better at the same time. 

If you have plans for eating out, look at the menu in advance so you know what you want. When you get to the restaurant, you don't have to look at the menu to be tempted to get something not as healthy or be deterred by a friend who is splurging. 

Don't venture into the depths of the grocery store. The healthiest things are on the perimeter…produce, meats, eggs. Go in with a list and a time constraint so you don't shop around aimlessly and you get out of there and on to your next task efficiently. That will save money too if you go in with a plan and get only what you need!

Prepare your own meals. This way you know how it's being done and what goes into it. Lots of veggies don't even need much, just a little olive oil, salt and pepper and some spices to punch it up if you want to. Never heat olive oil higher than medium heat, you lose the nutritional benefits.

Don't deprive yourself of the things you love. Simply don't indulge in it all the time either. You can have cheat meals, just don't have entire cheat days. If a recipe calls for a stick of butter, use the real thing or substitute for an organic butter or coconut oil. If you want cheese dip at the Mexican restaurant, go for it, just make sure your main dish has lots of veggies in it rather than slathered in cheese. 

I try to stick to having dairy in the morning, a piece of fruit mid-morning, a healthy lunch where I can eat healthy chips (LOVE Pop chips or blue corn tortilla chips with flax seed in them). Sometimes I'll allow myself a treat during lunch since I'll have the rest of the day to burn it off. My afternoon snack is usually a good fat like nuts or a protein bar if I'm working out later (Luna, Clif, Think Thin, Kind and Larabars are my faves). Dinner is a good protein like chicken, turkey or fish, sautéed or broiled veggies or sweet potato (sometimes a regular potato but not often, try to avoid starches late in the day). 

Track yourself. Get a Fit Bit or something like that where you can see how many calories you're burning or how far you've gone so you are aware. In the same respect, keep track of what you eat (you can do this on Fit Bit's dashboard) and realize what you have to put out for what you put in to balance it out. 

Find your fitness. Try new things until you find what works for you. I started out with Tone It Up-their workouts are awesome, and their nutrition plan is worth the investment because you get a lifetime of recipes that are good and healthy and don't require a lot from you other than shopping well and sticking to it. Then I found Barre Amped and I was sold. My body changed even more and I love this method so much that I'm now teaching it. I co-taught the other day and wore a heart rate monitor. I didn't go full out in my work out but still burned over 400 calories in one hour. Find something you are passionate about and you will enjoy getting fit, even if it's taking your dog for a longer walk. 

1 comment:

  1. Love this, Laurie! It's amazing how much better you feel when you eat well and take care of your body.

    I just discovered a new protein bar at Kroger that I really like. It's the Simple Truth Organic Protein Bar (make sure to get this and not the "energy bar" or "nutrition bar). The protein bars are 190 calories, a whopping 21g of protein (which is UNHEARD of for a protein bar that's this low in calories...most other bars that are around the same calorie content only have 12-16g of protein and the ones that have 20+g of protein are usually close to 300-350 calories), 16g carbs and I think 4g fat. I haven't found any other bars that have this much protein for that few calories. :)



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