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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fanciful Clean Eating

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Today's post comes from Alison McQuain:

This entry is short and simple. Clean you could say. There is not a lot of information that needs to be thrown your way. I would suspect that I am just like a lot of you fanciful people. Clean eating? Is there anything to that? I have not been introduced to any steadfast facts or people in my life that adhere to clean eating...or so I thought. As Fanciful Ink continues the Fanciful Health Fanciful You week we thought it appropriate to shed some light on this lifestyle...and really, I wanted to know what Clean eating truly meant. I got some help from fellow-blogger, Tiffany, of The Gracious Pantry 

Clean Eating: A diet of all natural foods that came directly from the earth, bush or tree. This doesn’t mean no meat but avoid pre-packaged products; go directly to the butcher.

This seems pretty simple right? It is! The only hurdle to jump is adjusting your tastebuds and being prepared. I will not ever tell you that I am perfect or that a stop at Chik-fil-a or the occasional bag of chips doesn’t happen but living clean is something that my family is already doing without thinking too hard about it (for the most part of course). Here are a few need to know facts:

Clean eating does not have to be about weight loss. (But you will probably see a change without trying)

Clean eating is a lifestyle change.  You don’t have to go in head first, take little steps toward a clean eating life every day.

When eating out sauces are your worst enemy. Order plain meat and veggies without sauce or seasoning and ask for salads without dressing. Most restaurants will have oil and vinegar or lemons on hand to create your own clean dressing. Food for travel

Your enemies are usually in your pantry. If it didn’t fall or get uprooted it probably means that it will not fall within the lines of your clean eating habits.

Cook from scratch. This can be made very easy with the use of your crock-pot. Learn to be friends. Let it take care of your protein and do a quick saute or salad when you get home. Dinner is done.  

Clean eating does not have to be expensive. Eat seasonally. Enjoy your fresh berries and stone fruits in the summer months and freeze them when you find them on sale. Enjoy your citrus and leafy greens in the colder months. Watch for sales on frozen produce and check the labels for anything you can’t pronounce. (

Try clean eating for a week or so and see if your energy levels don’t increase and your overall feeling improve. I dare you. For more information, tips or recipes visit The Gracious Pantry.

My favorite clean eating meals/snacks:

Half an english muffin toasted, ¼- ½ avocado smashed on the muffin with a fried egg on top
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
Oatmeal with honey and nuts

Mixed green salad with favorite toppings (any of these are good: tuna, grilled chicken, avocado, hard-boiled egg, raw nuts, sweet peppers, cucumber, olives, and many more)
Turkey, avocado and mixed greens wrap

Three bean chili with corn (feel free to add shredded chicken - great for cooking a whole chicken in the crockpot, making homemade stock for the soup broth and using some of the chicken to add to the chili/soup)
Honey garlic baked salmon with fresh steamed veggies
Veggie Lasagna with gluten free noodles (recently tried brown rice noodles and could not tell a difference - amazing.)

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