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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

13 Basics for 2013 & Color Pops

13 for 2013

New year=rejuvenation.
In all areas of life. I co-taught Barre Amped tonight (one of the many great things of 2012, becoming certified!) and it was packed with ladies taking control of their fitness in the new year. I'm so proud of them and blessed to be a part of such an amazing method of fitness. I've met two wonderful friends through it, Karen and Beth. Beth is a fellow newlywed and Nashville transplant who has enlisted me to help revamp her wardrobe. So I started with the basics above for her. There are so many other basics that I could add to it, but these are my 13 must haves (the number 13 actually was a coincidence...or was it?) I try to stick to splurging on classing pieces that will last me past a season and really past a year, and scrimping on the trendy.

1. An awesome bag you can carry through all seasons in a neutral color that will fit your essentials. You know I love some Kate Spade.
2. A sheer blouse in a versatile color. The lilac is pretty for any season paired with darks for winter and fall and lights for summer and spring. It can be layered as much or as little as you want.
3. A basic lightweight sweater tunic is great with leggings or skinny jeans, with boots or heels, or even thrown over your workout pants if you are running errands and going to the gym in the same outing.
4. A statement necklace. Try to pick something that will go with everything, like gray or even navy. It doesn't have to be of the bubble variety like the one above. J.Crew and Anthropologie have a wide selection.
5. A stack of good bangles. I've had a few sets of them and inevitably if they are cheaper, they get bent out of shape. I'm not saying to splurge, just don't go to Claire's. They can sophisticate in many ways.
6. A good, comfy, neutral flat like Tom's ballets. I don't have any but they are on my wish list.
7. Neutral booties. Gray goes with anything. Booties go with anything...dresses, tights, pants, shorts for a dressed up version (not denim shorts!)
8. Leggings. My mother and Beth have both said they feel like they don't have the right leg shape for leggings. I tell them they are nuts because leggings are slimming and so comfy. Plus, they are a warmer alternative to tights and are awesome with #3!
9. Skinny jeans...kinda like #8 here. If you find the right pair and wear it with the right top and shoes, yes you will look good in them. Rock the curves you have.
10. A go with anything heel in black that has a little pop of something extra, like a metallic embellishment. It's a peek of sassy.
11. Oversized studs go with everything. Again, Kate Spade has amazing ones under $50.
12. Riding boots go well with just about everything.
13. A blazer is slimming and adds a little prep to your outfit. I'm pretty sure a blazer has been in style for several years in some way or another!

Here are some color combos to try!


Pantone's color of the year is Emerald, in case you haven't heard. Find it for every aspect of your life and feel its positive and refreshing vibe.
PS-I have that green camera and it's so tiny and takes great pictures, especially on the beach.

Turquoise & Rose Gold

I've been obsessed with rose gold lately and always love turquoise. The combination is so feminine and simply pretty. 

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