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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haute Hallow's Eve

Classy Carnivale

Halloween has gotten much more sophisticated and I love that it's become a glamorous way to be just a little macabre. After all, I have glittery skulls in my foyer. I am determined to host a fun Halloween party next year. I don't have plans this year since it's in the middle of not just any week, but my wedding week. So, I will probably place a bucket on my doorstep full of candy and hope that creatures don't get any unless of course they are tiny humans in creature costumes. Then I will make an exception.
However, if I were invited to or having a Halloween party, I would most likely find a pretty dress in my closet and accessorize it to fit my costume need. Who really wants to buy a $60 version of a skanky fairytale character costume anyway? Those Halloween stores make me think about how dirty it is in there and how standard those costumes are. Get creative with what you have, can make, or find for a pretty penny.
The above is one of my favorites. I love Carnivale masks ever since I saw them in Venice. The best thing about them is that they can be dressed up with a full-on Venetian ball gown or with an awesome cocktail dress. As long as the colors blend, you can glam it up with hair and makeup. Here are some more:

Golden Goddess

I guess this is really a glorified toga, but if you have a little white dress (even better if it's one shouldered!) or even a flowy colored dress that is a toga style, find or make your own laurel leaves for your head. Have curly hair with tiny braids, douse yourself with gold makeup, and portray the goddess within. You know she's there.

Darling Daisy

I usually hated the books chosen for summer reading in school, but my favorite by far was The Great Gatsby. I love the look of art deco and flappers so to be able to embrace that as a costume is a dream. The key to this is having an awesome flapper-style dress. Luckily, it's so classy and in style that it's nice to have it in your closet for future events. Find or make a beautiful headband, add a long strand of pearls and maybe some gloves and go find your handsome Gatsby.

Divine Dia De Los Muertos

This is my favorite. It's so simple to do with Halloween makeup and cheap fake roses for your hair. I first saw this on CeCiStyle and loved the idea. She even has a tutorial on how to do the makeup. You could really do anything with this. Pick a brightly colored or black and white dress and play off of that for your design. Find a picture you like of a Dia De Los Muertos skull and simply copy it. Latin American art is so colorful to begin with, you really can't go wrong as long as your face looks like a gorgeous skull.


If you're brave enough to bare your midsection, go for it. I love The Little Mermaid and think it would be awesome to gather with girlfriends for Halloween and glam up the Disney princesses. Ariel would definitely approve of this sparkly green skirt and if you have a purple bikini top that is even better. Of course it will be chilly in October, so pair your "seashells" with a sheer top or wrap so you can still see it but be warmer. Accessorize with sea colors and sparkles. You certainly don't have to go the Disney route when it comes to a Mermaid costume. Sparkly skirt or shorts + fun bikini top or corset + ocean inspired accessories = Glamermaid.

Bat Beaute

Going back to a little black dress, you can be a little black bat (or cat, witch, vampire...) with a sweet mask. It's especially awesome if you have flowy sleeves for wings on your dress.

Moral of the story: you can make anything you have in  your closet work for a costume with the right extras. 

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