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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Covered In Darkness

As a former art major, I can't help but love color. I certainly don't shy away from it but I've realized my aesthetic has changed somewhat to still loving color but embracing stark whites and neutrals as well. After all, my wedding colors are shades of whites and ivories and that's it. A slight touch of gold to warm it up for fall, but only slightly. I love the monochromatic cleanliness and freshness that white offers. It also is so elegant when mostly everything is white.
There is a dark side, however. I felt myself being pulled toward it more and more as I got older, but usually tried to reject no don't go to the dark side, it's too much for a wall, the space would be way too small...and yet I'm considering painting my guest bath black. Black can be mysterious, scary or tainted even. Or it can very easily be the most elegant, sleek and the epitome of class. It's counterparts of navy, gray, chocolate and even a deep jade or eggplant can be just as classy as Mr. Black. I am so drawn to these rooms:

 I love that the door and the wall blend as one even though you know that it's there. If your door is a standard boring door, blend that baby in. Your walls are already dark as night, why not make it a little harder to get out of it? I also really like the design juxtaposition of feminine and masculine in this photo with the floral chair and massive antlers.

You get the best of both worlds in this room: dramatic dark walls but airy inviting bedding and accents ALL in white. Love.

Mmmmm, black bathroom. I really like you a lot a lot.

Whiteblackchandeliertealandamaaazingseating? Sigh. I just died a little.

I like a little masculinity sometimes. This is so clean and sexy even.

I really like chalk boards in kitchens. This is such a bold way to do it, making your entire kitchen blackest of black. The industrial accents work really well to make this not overwhelming. I would most definitely want a nice window to lighten the kitchen up.

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