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Friday, August 31, 2012

As Summer Ends...

...enjoy every last warm morsel of it. 
Bask in the sunlight for hours outside, laze by the pool, jump in the lake, go for a drive down a dirt road, take a picnic filled with the best fruits and veggies of summer, sip lemonade, play games in the yard...
the list can go on and on. As Labor Day nears and the grills get fired up for the last summer party, enjoy it. There is something sweet and peaceful about the ending of a hot summer. It's a little moment to relax with friends and indulge in summer laziness, which is perfectly ok in my book. I'm hoping to be able to have some of these little bits of summer:

A picnic with the simplest of summer foods-fruit, bread, cheese and a sweet lemonade.

Fresh everything, especially tomatoes are the best in the summer. These mini caprese salads would be summer perfection.

I want to break out those sundresses I have yet to wear during the warm months. I like this natural combination of navy, sage green and caramel brown. It's fresh enough for now with a little nod to fall.

I would love to be able to gather all my friends and family together for a farm to table picnic with a huge long table filled with food and messy fresh picked flowers. We could snack and chat by lantern light and fireflies.

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