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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Need ideas for the 4th?

While Miss Henry is traveling to exotic locations most of us are sweating it out in the states. So, here are a few last minute schedules of events and sights you might be able to enjoy here in the states. Some of the ideas require some spontaneity and last minute travel. Don’t worry; I know there are type A personalities out there that are already experiencing early signs of a panic attack just reading the word spontaneity. Take a deep breath and wipe your sweaty palms. I am also going to give you a few tips on some local events you need to be aware of. (To Laurie and I local is within a short drive from Nashville or Knoxville, Tenn.)

So fellow Fanciful Ink lovers…let the spontaneity or planning begin!

First up, the National Independence Day Parade in our Nation’s Capital. The parade begins at 11:45 am at Constitution Avenue and 7th Street. It is the 4th of July people! A parade is a must!

While celebrating in D.C. you can also visit the NationalFolklife Festival. As many heartfelt politicians would say, ‘America is a melting pot of ethnicities.’ Because of this the Folklife Festival gathers at the National Mall to remember and celebrate cultures represented across the country. Be prepared to experience oral history exhibits, cooking demonstrations (like the Mississippi Hills Regional Cooking…can someone tell me what this is? I will not be in the spontaneous group this 4th), presentations from the University of Hawai’i’s Tuahine Troupe, and so much more.

Finishing up the day in a political junkie’s mecca…you may have heard about this, read about this or even seen it on your local cable network…ladies and gents, it is the PBS firework spectacular “A Capitol Fourth!” The National Symphony will serenade you as you feast your eyes on one of the Nation’s best displays. All of the excitement begins at 8pm ET. (Type As, check out the excitement online or on your local network. Visit the website for listings or clips from the event.)

If I could this year I would make my celebrations happen in one of the most historic cities in America, Boston, Mass. And if I were there you would find me at the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. My friends, just take a gander at these images. Boston is a city I CANNOT wait to visit one day. This would be a great time to visit. It may be a little crowded but suck it up and enjoy! The concert begins at 8:20 pm ET.

If you find yourself in Nashville this July 4th make a stop at the Riverfront Park for a dazzling display and concert by the Nashville Symphony beginning at 9:45 pm CT. This is one of my favorite cities. If you are nearby make a stop.

For anyone further east, Knoxville is a great place for an East Tennessee Fourth of July celebration. All the fun takes place at World’s Fair Park in the heart of the city. The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra will join you for the evening beginning at 9:35 pm ET.

Wherever you find yourself this celebrating July 4th, remember our troops and the families of those brave men and women celebrating this holiday without their loved one so you and I can enjoy our freedom. To the families of our troops, I salute you just as much as your loved ones borders and oceans away; thank you all for your service.

This is your guest blogger signing off. You can find me here sometimes.

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