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Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing Guest Bloggers, Thank YOU!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the beautiful, talented, wonderful ladies that were guest bloggers last week while I was on vacation! They all did better than I would have done, for sure!
Holly is the DIY queen because she makes old furniture look better than brand new. I always love to see her projects and am so so so excited to watch her new adorable home come together. I told her to write whatever she wanted and secretly hoped it would be DIY projects...and it was! Love it. 
Alison is always full of fun ideas, and she is right, as Southern Belles we do love to entertain! I can't wait to try out her suggested recipes. And next year, Alison, the future hubs and I just might accompany you and Mr. McQuain to Boston for the 4th!
Lily got me so excited about engagement and wedding day pictures, especially when I came home to find her contract and awesome sample photos waiting for me in the mail! 

Thank you again, ladies for all of your hard work, your creativity and inspiration and most definitely your friendship! I owe you all!

I feel rested and relaxed from vacay and really wish I was still on that ship for another week. We swam constantly in Labadee, Haiti which is one of my favorite spots. In Jamaica, despite the bumpy and long ride, we lazed on a bamboo raft down the river, stopping to eat wild fruit and see vegetation. I even got a limestone pedicure along the way, which was awesome. In Cozumel, we relaxed on a private beach and roamed around the pier a little. Each day at sea was spent by the pool, reading, sipping tropical drinks and listening to a steel drum band. I wish I were back there! However, I am glad to be home to my little blog and am ready to jump into wedding planning even more now that we hit the four month mark last Tuesday! 
My next big step: conquering my own wedding invitations...what am I going to do?? Perhaps this week I will brainstorm with you.

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