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Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome To My Home: Office

My new home tour is here, starting where all my hard work happens!
Having a home office is one of my favorite things about this house-the fact that there is a cute little room especially for getting work done. Trust me, lots of work has been happening in there. I wanted a lot of space to divide out papers by color, store supplies and have a general creative area. It's all still a work in progress.
I centered the room around the Tree of Life curtains found at World Market, which I don't think are available anymore. I incorporated my fluffy yellow chair (which needs a pillow-still searching!) and ottoman along with the green lamp I already had as well as a hand-blown yellow lamp I found at an antique store. The lamp shade is my absolute favorite from Anthropologie.
The desk was formerly my dining table at my apartment, but it has more of a story than that. There is an old house near my hometown deemed the "Cat House." Supposedly the former owner left the house to her many cats. I always loved the house, it had a castle-like quality with old stones and a turret. The little antique store where I got the yellow hand-blown lamp (Lucy's in Corinth, Mississippi) had this farm table that once was in the beloved house. I loved it. It is a fabulous desk.
My mom found tons of wonderful wire baskets that I'm using for storage, along with some of my grandfather's old Ball jars to keep paper scraps in.
I think a rug would make the room a little more cozy and a bulletin board a little more helpful, but other than that I am pleased with how the room came together.

The room from the doorway:

I got the two star lights on a trip to San Antonio, the photos above the bookcases were from my trip to Italy.

I keep my business cards in a little Moroccan bowl so I can hold more. My parents and I took a glass blowing class last fall and my result was the little paperweight. It was supposed to come out blue and yellow, but turned yellow and brown instead. Oh well! The candle is Capri Blue's Aloha Orchid, it makes my entire house smell so good. 

I took a cue from West Elm and turned some of my books backwards so that they were all varying shades of one color. Others were previously wrapped in brown paper. My favorite design books are readily available on top of the bookshelf. 


  1. i love those yellow curtains!

  2. Well, it’s very unusual for me to see home office with a yellow theme, although this one’s brilliant! The lamp, the curtain, the couch and even the wall paint -- it really adds a sophisticated touch to the room!



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