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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Book Ideas

Wedding season is upon us and if you are a bride, you might be looking for a fun new twist on how to do otherwise traditional aspects of the wedding. I love personal things incorporated into a wedding that the couple can remember years down the road. If a memento is involved, even better! Take the guest book for example, normally it's a formal and beautiful book that is simply signed. Wouldn't you rather be able to look back on that and read sweet sentiments or have something to stay with you until death parts you?
Take a look at some ideas I have seen done that are great, as well as some new ideas I found!

I have seen a photo album or photo book created from engagement photos that guests can sign,  yearbook style!

Have guests sign rocks with a little sentiment to decorate with in your new home together. 

If you're having a small wedding, have guests place their fingerprints and names on a family tree. You're all family now right? Yep, even crazy cousin Johnny.

Vintage-inspired weddings are all the rage right now. If you can score a working typewriter, have guests type their names! Put them in a scrapbook later on. 

My dear friend Holly did her guest book this way, and incorporated a photo booth as well! It's such a cute idea to have small envelopes and cards for keepsakes. 

Look to the future and have guests write you a note to read on your year anniversary


Find a beautiful calendar and have your guests fill in their birthdays so that you won't forget!

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