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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I think Peeps are the cutest little things and have the greatest colors. I think they are kind of disgusting though. That's a lot of sugar just for something pretty. I did create Peep Sushi two years ago after seeing it somewhere before it became the thing to do with Peeps. The result was similar to Lauren Conrad's (above). I used Fruit by the Foot (and was shocked it was still around and still fun to eat), Rice Krispy Treats and as I recall, pink Peeps. Think of the Rice Krispy treats as your rice, the Fruit by the Foot as your seaweed and the Peeps as your fish or sashimi. Cut off their poor little heads (I used the ducks not the bunnies) and stuff it into a ring of rice krispy. You sort of have to mold around the peep head. The adorn with the Fruit by the Foot. I'm sorry my directions are haphazard. The result is hilarious and cute, disgusting for adults but tasty for kids.
I mean, let's face it, that is nasty.
I have also made a better treat out of the peeps...I only really like marshmallows in things, particularly chocolate and graham crackers. Hence, peep s'mores. It makes it prettier, as if you need that.
Since Lauren Conrad is adorable, as is her website, she has a quick and easy cutie kabob of sorts of peeps and Reese's. I would really only eat the Reese's and probably play with the Peeps.

She simply takes the peeps, a kabob stick and a soft chocolate candy and makes a pattern on the stick. Simple as that.
Go forth and conquer peep treats, peepsters. If you come up with something new, I want to see! For more ideas and just a dose of cuteness, go visit the Peeps!

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