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Friday, April 13, 2012

Guessing Game


Graphic Designers Eurydyka Kata & Rafał Szczawiński of re:blog are minimalist geniuses. I love good clean graphic design that pops color as a big aspect of the aesthetic. I also love trivia games, even though Boyfriend could easily crush me faced with any trivia question unless it involves art or fashion.
The design duo has created 15 Iconic TV posters simply by displaying three images that describe the show. I have included the ones that were shows I watch/have watched-some of them I didn't get until I checked the answer...then I was excited! Check out the other posters and see if you can guess them all! I'm being a copycat and am putting the answers in white underneath the poster like their blog did. It's kind of like using lemon juice and a black light to write secret messages to your friends. You didn't do that? My friend Whitney and I were obsessed with spies when we were kids, so that could be're going to try it now aren't you?

Game of Thrones


True Blood

Once Upon A Time


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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