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Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Wonderment: Thoughts on Anything

I'm sorry. I just...can't think of anything.
So here are a list of thoughts, in A.D.D. fashion...with a little Pinterestness thrown in. That's a new word.

Ugh, stop making a big deal about the lottery. 447,873,962 people going to play the Lost numbers and get like $2.50 because that's the only sequence of numbers drilled into their heads...4...8...15...16...23...42...

Boyfriend has commented that if I don't come see him tonight, what on earth will he do for food?

Can men not feed themselves? I don't understand it. I just don't.

My cat has decided that out of the two sinks in the new master bath, she likes the left one the best.

My office will be cool once it's done...but my wall of bookshelves isn't put together yet. I've been shoving packs of paper into imaginary cubicles all week. It's a disastrous mess. That's what happens when you move and have three projects due.

Well can you?

Oh no. I have to work in flower beds this weekend...I have killed 2 cacti in my life. I'm done for.

This is an epic post isn't it?

Here is more:

Source: via Mugen on Pinterest

Ok. I'm done. I apologize. I wanted to post something today. None of this is design related in case you couldn't figure that out already.



That tutu is a nice design now isn't it? Such a lovely color pallet of monochromatic purple. There's your design for the day.
You're welcome.

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