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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Packing Pretty

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

I will soon be off on an adventure...going to visit my friend Harry, hitting up Italy, France, Morocco and a little bit of Japan touring castles, haunted mansions and just having a roller coaster of a ride. I might even try to squeeze in a safari or a climb on Mt. Everest in Nepal.
That's right.
I'm going to Disney World (and Hogwarts).
Amongst my busy day of the usual, along with meeting the realtor for the final walk-through of my new house (!) and also meeting one of the beautiful brides I met at January's Bridal Brunch, I have to find time to pack. I have found that I have become somewhat of an excellent trip-packer. I got the majority of cruise clothes into a carry on last year, have lived two weeks out of one suit case in foreign countries and generally know what to take and what not to take. My biggest tip is to roll your clothes rather than lay them flat. I know this has been said many times, but it's for good reason.

Here are some of my packing rules:
1) Roll your clothes. If they are thin enough to roll an outfit together, do it.
2) Line shoes around the outside of the suitcase, creating a barrier and not getting any shoe residue on your clothes. If you have heels, align them into each other like they come in a shoebox. Work within the curves of the shoes and fit socks, undies and any other smaller items tucked inside. It helps maintain the shape of the shoe and keeps it organized.
3) Try to wear the same thing more than once in a different way. Jeans are a given, as long as they are clean starting out you can wear them daily for a short trip.
4) Since the weather this time of the year is unpredictable, wear and pack layers to help with the above rule. Neutral colors are best, add pops of color with accessories. They are much smaller!
5) Store electronic chargers and anything not clothing related in a small bag within the suitcase. You can use the bag for dirty clothes and tuck your chargers into your clean clothes and shoes when you pack to go home.
6) Travel size toiletries really reduce space as well, which is also a given. Stock up on sample size hair products because the amount in those little packages will last longer than you think.
7) If you are traveling on an airplane, get a luggage scale to make sure you are under the 50 lb limit. I've had to rearrange some of my stuff before because I didn't check beforehand.
8) Seal any liquids in a plastic bag inside your toiletry bag because when the cabin pressure changes, your poor shampoo gets on your toothbrush.
9) Use a shower cap to cover potentially dirty shoes in your suitcase (or bring one if you anticipate any dirt)
10) Even though you mix and match clothes, always bring enough undies and socks. You don't want to wear those twice!

Obviously I won't be wearing heels around Disney parks and don't have to think too hard about packing nice outfits, but I do want to be comfy and not lose the style factor. I've scoured my fashion Pinterest board for ideas to recreate from my own wardrobe. I love the casualness of these looks:

Layers with shorts rather than a skirt:

This hat would bug me all day but the rest of it is casual and comfy. I love Target's v-neck boyfriend tee's:

A blousy top and shorts are perfect for low 80 degree weather:

A light sweater is great this time of year:

Another casual take:

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