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Monday, March 5, 2012

Instagram Challenge:week one recap

So here is my first week of Instagram! By week, I mean it's mainly for the first four days of March. I think it's fun to find something momentous or just a little pleasure of the day to document.

March 1 (top left): 3 of us wore our checked shirts that we call "Mary Ann" shirts...I have no idea how this got started but it was a planned funny thing to do. Sometimes you just have to do little things like that to make work more interesting!

March 2 (bottom right): The Southeast was threatened by severe storms and tornados Friday, which I do not take lightly after an F4 destroyed my college campus in 2008 when I was trying to graduate. David insisted I go straight to his apartment after work since it's safer than mine and somehow he ended up with all the pillows piled on top of him as a "shelter" while I just sat there. I really wanted to draw on his face when he took a nap and left me to be the tornado lookout.

March 3 (top right): I was browsing the book store and wished for a moment I was back in high school and was required to read the classics because now Barnes & Noble has the most beautiful book covers. These particular ones were the children's classics with silhouette designs agains brightly colored solid backgrounds. Beautiful.

March 4 (bottom left): I enjoyed a nice relaxing bubble bath at the end of the evening.

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