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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Greatness of Gilmore Girls

If there is one thing I never ever tire of, it is the fabulous, the quick-witted, the beautiful and inspiring Gilmore Girls. I know that Lauren Graham has moved on to Parenthood and tries to be just as witty as Lorelei was...I love the show, I just feel like the Bravermans don't appreciate the Lorelei-ness she brings to the table. It may just be that I have a hard time seeing her as any other character. I wish Alexis Bledel would make a comeback and do something other than Post-Gradwhich was a fail and so un-Rory like. They should just make a movie...or just pick up where they left off with the series. I'm rewatching all the seasons again leisurely. If nothing is on TV, I'll have GG on in the background. It makes me feel a little quippier.
Indulge with me:

If you watch Pretty Little Liars you should notice that Rosewood is the former Stars Hollow...and Luke's Diner is now the Rosewood Cafe or whatever it's called. It will always be Luke's...

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

I just watched this episode! I think this phrase needs to catch on right now.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Exactly. Yes.

Oh boy, this is true.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

A Lorelei-inspired fashion board for you:

A Rory-inspired board as well:

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