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Monday, March 12, 2012

Gardening Ideas

As my new house is about to be officially mine, I am faced with a dilemma: I don't know how to garden. I killed a cactus once. Okay, maybe it happened twice...
I'm really bad at remembering to do things. My cat is lucky I remember to feed her, as if she would ever let me forget really.
I want to make it priority now that the weather is getting nicer to grow my own herbs at least, and if I can manage that...tend to a little garden. It would be nice to be able to eat veggies that I've grown myself. I just need to make myself learn more about it and then do it...and maybe remember to water it.
Pinterest provides users with a plethora of things that we might not normally find. I have learned a lot from the things I have pinned and found a lot of useful, beautiful things as well. So I have looked to Pinterest (and those original websites the images came from) to help boost my gardening abilities.
The photo above comes from Saidos da Concha blog and simply shows that you can recycle your toilet paper tubes into mini pots for seedlings. Once they are started, transfer into real pots. This way everything is together for a little while as you start out.

I have been saving wine corks for over a year now with the intention of doing something cool with them. I haven't decided what it is yet but I'm thinking this is a pretty good use for it. I love the simplicity of this. It's natural and blends in nicely, not to mention helps you distinguish one leafy green herb from the next.

That cork from above had to come from a bottle, no? Use the bottle as a watering tube. (It looks like there is a small funnel buried in the soil with the bottle set into it) My problem is solved! I love glass bottles anyway and sometimes am enamored with the design of a label, so this is a good way to keep the beauty around, recycle and keep my plants alive!

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

I adore this idea. It's so simple to do too...I definitely plan on doing this soon after I move in. Two years ago, a little bird family built its precious nest in my front door wreath. I appreciate that the birds thought it was authentic. I do not appreciate that they brought some bird mites into my apartment via the door. I do adore bird nests though...this is such a sweet way to help birds build up their nests (in real tress hopefully) while adding some color to the world and even keeping track of the nests and birds that visit you. I hope to see some brightly colored strings hidden in my new trees soon.

I wish I could read the blog this photo originally came from but alas, it's in another language. I do think it's a lovely idea to help your seedlings along by creating a mini greenhouse with part of a plastic bottle (bad plastic bottles! Recycle them if you're not using them for a greenhouse)

Once the seedlings are no longer seedlings and are delicious herbs, a wonderful way to keep them together is a vertical garden of sorts, simple bolted mason jars with a little chalkboard paint to label them. Perfect!

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