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Friday, March 9, 2012

Coral Craving

As the weather gets warmer and we jump into spring very soon, I am dying for some coral goodness. I'm not quite talking the vibrant red of sea coral (although I love that too), I'm talking that wonderful mix of pink/red/orange, even peachier hues. I really love J.Crew's take on coral lately with a twist of neon added to it. I am ready to add this color to my closet. Even though I have always been a fan of coral, I have a section of pale pink next to a section of red, with one striped coral tunic stuck in there. That's it. I did recently score some coral and nude shoes at TJ Maxx, which I blame for beginning my obsession.

Classy coral with black:

So bold and so chic:

Another classy pairing that is fresh with white and gray:

Must find coral shorts and get a tan...


This would be such a lovely color paired with the ocean and sand:

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