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Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Wonderment: Thoughts on Anything

I'm sorry. I just...can't think of anything.
So here are a list of thoughts, in A.D.D. fashion...with a little Pinterestness thrown in. That's a new word.

Ugh, stop making a big deal about the lottery. 447,873,962 people going to play the Lost numbers and get like $2.50 because that's the only sequence of numbers drilled into their heads...4...8...15...16...23...42...

Boyfriend has commented that if I don't come see him tonight, what on earth will he do for food?

Can men not feed themselves? I don't understand it. I just don't.

My cat has decided that out of the two sinks in the new master bath, she likes the left one the best.

My office will be cool once it's done...but my wall of bookshelves isn't put together yet. I've been shoving packs of paper into imaginary cubicles all week. It's a disastrous mess. That's what happens when you move and have three projects due.

Well can you?

Oh no. I have to work in flower beds this weekend...I have killed 2 cacti in my life. I'm done for.

This is an epic post isn't it?

Here is more:

Source: via Mugen on Pinterest

Ok. I'm done. I apologize. I wanted to post something today. None of this is design related in case you couldn't figure that out already.



That tutu is a nice design now isn't it? Such a lovely color pallet of monochromatic purple. There's your design for the day.
You're welcome.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Organization Tour

I love these bloggers ideas of a virtual progressive organizing blog. Each blogger shows a space in her home that is well-organized and outlines how to do it and what works for her. Check out the tour!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty Little Liars are Pretty fAsionable

For some reason, last fall and this year I have so many shows I have become addicted to. It's almost embarrassing! I have to admit I have found that I am a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Gossip Girl (which I thought were done by the same people, who those people are I'm not sure. My search has confused me...). All of them have stupid names in my opinion but great story lines and amazing fashion. While the fashion of Gossip Girl is unattainable due to ridiculous designer and couture price tags, the other two shows implement very affordable pieces. Posessionista usually hunts down and highlights the fashion very well, along with many other popular shows, all while adding wit to her blurbs. It's one of my favorite websites.
Hop on over to her site and check out a taste of the finale fashion...and then let's talk about the finale if you did watch it.
So I originally had my sights of A set on Melissa because she's pretty shady (and is she really pregnant? I don't think it's jerk-face Ian's baby). Then I thought it was too obvious. There is always a twist in situations like these so of course it would have to be someone close to the girls, someone low-profile and unsuspected. When I started watching I feared it was dreamy Ezra but I don't think he would put everything on the line just to bully people. I could be wrong, there may be a story line we don't even know about that includes him. In the back of my mind I did suspect Mona mostly because she was extra-annoying and I could see how that would easily be a put-on by her. I love that she is actually a genius with some issues...but we know she hasn't been working alone. I have no doubt Jenna is involved and I've thought this entire time she could see behind those superb dark glasses. Of course we don't know who A really is because now we know it's a group of people. I'm sure one by one they will be either killed off (Jenna, I'm looking at you through my sunglasses) and revealed. It's just a matter of time. I know that it will be a fashionable time too...summer is a good time to catch up with the series before it starts up again. Not only is there good fashion throughout the show, but we get a glimpse into the girls' homes that are also to packed with good design. Aria's bedroom and Spencer's kitchen? Yes please.
I don't usually include TV shows on this blog, but this is related to design and has influenced how I've decorated my new house!
Aria's bedroom wallpaper on Pretty Little Liars inspired my choice of metallic wallpaper in my dining room:

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Sutton's bedroom in The Lying Game as well as Blair Waldorf's bedroom in Gossip Girl sparked my decorating decision on my bedroom because they both used a beautiful blue on the walls and Sutton's bedroom furniture is the same as mine!

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games Mania

So many people will be filling the theaters tonight at midnight to watch the beloved and much-anticipated Hunger Games. Since I have deemed myself too old to function on that little sleep and work the next day, I am skipping out. Also, since I am in the process of moving, I probably won't get to see it week. I don't know if I can wait that long. So to get my fill now, I've had a little fun with Polyvore again and created my own versions and views of Katniss' hunting look, her famous fire dress and the Capitol's crazy ensemble.
Are you going to the midnight show?

I saw how tough Jennifer Lawrence was in Winter's Bone and had no doubt she could blow this role away. Her natural look is beautiful and earthy and I am loving that leather jacket.

I know Katniss' dress is red in the movie but in my mind the dress looked like it billowed with fire. This gorgeous Spring 2009 dress from Naeem Khan is so perfect with the steely gray that fades into a fiery orange.

I'm really looking forward to the crazy colors the people of capitol will be wearing. In my mind it's a cross between the Red Queen's court in the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland and an haute couture runway.

Sweet Stripes and Dots

The warm pleasant weather has me craving cold things. I've moved on from my hot coffee to iced coffee already and with all the neon and bright colors spinning around us in the fashion world, it's sure to be a hot spring! All these brights play well with one another, as well as stripes and polka dots.
Embrace the warmth and grab some gelato or popsicles, a drippy ice cream cone or a shake! Be bright about it!

Some of my favorite sweet cold treats: Naticakes, Hot & Cold, Las Paletas, Nucci's

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Home Mood Board: Living Room

This is my final mood board because...
I'm moving in Saturday!
That's not to say that it will be completely decorated to its fullest then, but I will have my stuff there and hopefully within a week everything will be in its new place. Last Sunday we got the living room painted miraculously with one coat and it's a lovely gray-brown (greige?) that turned out darker than expected but I still love it.
I will be posting real photos in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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