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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Home Mood Board: Kitchen

Of all the rooms to decorate in a home, the kitchen baffles me the most. If I had it my way, I would have an all white kitchen but I'm sure it's not a practical thought. The kitchen cabinets in the new place are a very light modern wood paired with black granite countertops and black appliances. I want to warm it up a little bit and still coordinate with everything so I have chosen a jewel tone teal color that I think will play nicely. I'm still a little wary of the decision but I think bold colors in kitchens are a lot of fun. I want to keep everything sleek in there and possibly add a tile backsplash in time.


  1. I love that color. My kitchen is in dire need of a make-over. I don't care for the cabinets, but I'm stuck with them (money doesn't grow on trees). I think I might do a neutral on the walls where the cabinets are and do color on the other two walls! We'll see. Good luck with yours. I hope you post pictures when you're done!

  2. I will definitely post pictures! I think you should do something fun with your kitchen! Can you refinish your cabinets?



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