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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Couscous Recipe

One of my favorite things to do on lazy weekends, like this past one is peruse Whole Foods. It has become a fun thing for David and me to do. He in particular goes for the cheese and pretty much only the cheese. The olive bar is near the cheese so I'll say he sometimes goes for both. I was about to sample something at the counter when one of the chefs asked me if I needed help. As I turned around, David was halfway to the cheese section and I looked back at the chef sadly. He laughed and said, "that happens with men a lot." I growled and followed after David who was already delving into the cheeses. He suggested we each pick one (I don't know why, he ate them both!) and then we went on to find the rest of our meal since cheese is not a full meal. I understand it comes close. We then found crackers, turkey burgers with spinach and feta (more dang cheese), and the lovely thing above that is couscous.
The couscous mixture seems simple and quick to make since Whole Foods graciously lists the ingredients on the label. Here are the ingredients:

Feta cheese
Red, yellow and green bell peppers
Red onions
Kalamat olives
Balsamic vinegar
Canola oil

I would say chop all the veggies, lightly toss it all with the balsamic and canola oil (I would use olive instead) and eat up.

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