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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello Neon!

Wake up your winter wardrobe with neon. I just purchased a skinny little neon belt from Target and am trying to figure out the best thing to wear it with without being too over the top. Although with neon, it's fun to be over the top.
Since this trend is very 80s and very trendy, places like Target and Forever 21 are perfect for inexpensively adding neon to your spring and summer frocks.
What are you doing with neon this year?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Couscous Recipe

One of my favorite things to do on lazy weekends, like this past one is peruse Whole Foods. It has become a fun thing for David and me to do. He in particular goes for the cheese and pretty much only the cheese. The olive bar is near the cheese so I'll say he sometimes goes for both. I was about to sample something at the counter when one of the chefs asked me if I needed help. As I turned around, David was halfway to the cheese section and I looked back at the chef sadly. He laughed and said, "that happens with men a lot." I growled and followed after David who was already delving into the cheeses. He suggested we each pick one (I don't know why, he ate them both!) and then we went on to find the rest of our meal since cheese is not a full meal. I understand it comes close. We then found crackers, turkey burgers with spinach and feta (more dang cheese), and the lovely thing above that is couscous.
The couscous mixture seems simple and quick to make since Whole Foods graciously lists the ingredients on the label. Here are the ingredients:

Feta cheese
Red, yellow and green bell peppers
Red onions
Kalamat olives
Balsamic vinegar
Canola oil

I would say chop all the veggies, lightly toss it all with the balsamic and canola oil (I would use olive instead) and eat up.

Flower Power

With the oddly warmer weather somewhat sticking around I have started to get spring fever. Bright florals are brining in the new season in a fun way and I am a fan! I think I need a little more pop of romantic flowers in my wardrobe. I love bright tops paired with a contrasting bright pump, especially in aqua colors that can graduate into summer easily.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mantle Ideas

I'm trying to find a style of mantle decor I like...I'm picky about artwork and am not sure that I want that above the mantle so I'm looking for other options.
The image above is nice and simple and I love the exotic shape of the mirror.

The different sizes of frames and the giant letter with natural greenery is a nice simple touch.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Overlooking the pumpkins, I really like the line of candles and height of the vases on either end.

Another cool way to use empty frames above the mantle, painted in the same color or varying shades of the same color.

This floating clock on the wall is really cool and something I probably wouldn't have thought of.

Layers of objects leaning can be cohesive rather than looking unfinished when it's done the right way.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Apps You Must Have...Cause I Said So

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Ok, I'm not really going to be that don't have to get these apps just because I said so. Although, really, you will like them. Promise!

1. Instagram-it's cool, kind of like a news feed for pictures. Lots of people have it, I'm just throwing it in the list in case you don't.
CHALLENGE! I have had a terrible memory lately (taking Ginko Biloba, we'll see if it works) and want to make myself remember to do something as well as expand my creativity, even just a little. I want to make myself take 1 photo a day for the month of March with Instagram so it's logged. I know people do the 365 photo challenge but I'm not up for that. I don't take many photos as it is, so I'm starting small. Who is with me?? I need some help being reminded!

2. Mood Agent-choose a song from your iPod song list and use the five controls at the top to adjust your mood: Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry, Tempo. Based off your mood levels you set and the song you choose, Mood Agent will pick similar songs out of your library to create a playlist. It has such a fun variety if you have a large variety of songs saved to your phone.

3. Red Stamp-the photo above is from Red Stamp. It has the best designs for virtual cards I've ever seen. Truly. You can customize what it says, choose the occasion and send out to whoever you want via text or email.

4. Convert-it's so easy to use when you need to convert pesky kilograms to pounds. It is very helpful in cooking as well! I've used it way more than I thought I would.

5. Flashlight-I downloaded this when I was with my best friend in West Palm Beach and we were going out one night to see the sea turtles come up and lay eggs. It was one of the coolest experiences ever. However, you have to have a red light so that you don't scare the turtles away and can still see them. The flashlight itself is very bright, there are many different options for the flashlight, colored lights, distress lights, even silly neon lights and lighters.

6. Houzz-Just like the website, the app is inspiring and awesome. Houzz is just so cool all around. It's easy to swipe through the photos and add something to your idea book.

7. Whole Foods-this recipe app has tasty and healthy recipes. The only downside is that some things call for Whole-Foods-specific ingredients that you can't normally find at Kroger.

8. Yoga-no excuses to not have a workout on the go! The yoga app has a lot of different programs you can use or create your own. It gives you a photo of the position and a voice guides you along with a clock as well. Pair it with Pandora's yoga station in the background and it's actually really nice. I did a 45 minute workout the other day at my apartment. I could have gone somewhere or done a DVD but actually preferred this!

9. Evernote-so handy. It's serious note-taking on the go. I am so glad I downloaded this. It updates quickly between your devices too. I. Love. It.

10. Tiny Tower-when you first start this game you'll think it's silly. It is. However, it is so much fun. I don't even know's just addicting. You have to stock every floor of your tower, employ those who live there (called bitizens) and even give them their dream jobs as well. Check out the Wiki page for more information. You can also see your friends' towers too! If you want to be my friend let me know! :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Home Mood Board: Kitchen

Of all the rooms to decorate in a home, the kitchen baffles me the most. If I had it my way, I would have an all white kitchen but I'm sure it's not a practical thought. The kitchen cabinets in the new place are a very light modern wood paired with black granite countertops and black appliances. I want to warm it up a little bit and still coordinate with everything so I have chosen a jewel tone teal color that I think will play nicely. I'm still a little wary of the decision but I think bold colors in kitchens are a lot of fun. I want to keep everything sleek in there and possibly add a tile backsplash in time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Home Mood Board: Home Office

Continuing my mood board thoughts, my home office is going to be all about organization. I want to fill a cubed wall with baskets and binders and get everything with this business organized but cozy. I have a big yellow chair that I love and a yellow accent chair that I use for my desk chair.
I want to see these curtains in person but every time I look at them online I love them! I got the lampshade above for Christmas and thought about using it in that room but like everything, I'll just have to see what I like when I get it in there!

This was my inspiration for the room:

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Home Mood Board: Dining Room

I am excited about a new endeavor...I'm in the process of buying a house and am having a lot of fun planning each room. I want to make each one different but still create a flow of color and class. I was delighted that the new home has a (small) formal dining room because that means I can use my grandparents' dining room furniture, which is a beautiful simple dark wood. I don't want to darken that room much because it's small and will appear even smaller with the table and wall unit in there. My grandmother had amazing pale blue china which I'm bringing in...don't know when I'll use it but hey, it's nice to have and it's not something I'll have to register for when I get married.
I have been very taken with metallic wallpaper recently. I know wallpaper has come back on trend and I am loving the elegance and fun metallics. I fell in love with a print at Lowe's that was a subtle pale teal and a metallic color that was between silver and gold in a pretty floral pattern (the exact one is above and isn't quite so green in person).
I'm also a sucker for lighting and while I love what Restoration Hardware has to offer, my wallet does not. I scored a cute little shiny bauble of a chandelier (exact one above) at Z Gallerie and also looked at possibilities of a simple curtain and a simple solid or ombre rug. I don't want to overpower the room and I don't really like rugs or fussy window treatments so I'm thinking a pretty neutral silk for the curtains. We are recovering the chair cushions in a teal velvet fromBassett Furniture which blends very nicely with the blue of the china plates. The darker pop of teal flows into the kitchen. I'm planning on painting the walls in there with a teal color, which also flows into the living room from there just a little bit.
This is the first of my mood boards for the house...stay tuned for more and later on for real images of the progress!

Friday, February 17, 2012

2 To Try

This weekend is the first in a while where I have no set plans other that to design the weekend away for several brides! I hope to have a relaxing, lazy and yet productive next two days. In those days I hope to make two of these recipes:

Jillian Harris' Chicken Curry

Dairy Free (and gluten free) Chocolate Cake for One. All mine.

Weekend Wonderment: World Color

Take a moment this weekend and enjoy the local color of wherever you are...and take note of the color in the world.

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ashley's Bride Guide stopped by my booth at the Bridal Brunch and the two ladies, Tabitha and Betsy were so sweet. I knew they took pictures and had an awesome blog for Nashville locals but I was so surprised and pleased to see their review of my booth! I love these photos they took (above) and was completely and utterly delighted that they liked it so much, especially since this was my first show! Check out the website and the rest of their review of the Bridal Brunch!


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