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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Look of Storybrooke

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Storybrooke, Maine is an interesting little town. If you watch the new show Once Upon A Time from some of the Lost guys, you know what I mean. These guys have created another mysterious show surrounding characters we already know, or at least think we do. The synopsis can explain in depth...but the story focuses on Snow White and how the Evil Queen came to hate her so much. The Evil Queen casts a curse on the people of the fantasy world and sends them "somewhere terrible where there will be no happy endings." Which of course means the real world. So flash over to modern day Boston and meet Emma Swan who has lots of issues, one which is living and breathing. Her son she gave up for adoption, Henry, finds her. He shows her a large book of fairy tales his teacher gave him and says that all of these characters and what happens to them are real but they don't know who they are because of the curse. He says that Emma is the only one who can save them and break the curse, giving the characters knowledge of who they are. Henry's adoptive mom just happens to be the Evil Queen. Her real life alter ego is the mayor of Storybrooke and she's not the nicest person on this side of the realm either. Emma ends up staying and actually somewhat believing Henry. It's a fun journey to find out who in Storybrooke is what character and how their lives play into that character in the real world scenario. So far, we have met the Evil Queen (Regina), Snow White (Mary Margaret), Prince Charming (David...yes yes I know that's my boyfriend's funny. Puhlease), Rumpelstiltskin (Mr. Gold), Cinderella (Ashley), Jiminy Cricket (Archie Hopper) and many more.
Not surprisingly, I not only like this show for what it is, but I also love the set design and the way each character has a signature style. Similar to those Disney characters huh? Snow White/Mary Margaret does venture away from the typical red, yellow and blue color scheme she's usually associated with and has more of a prim and sweet look in the style of her clothes. Her precious apartment is shabby chic, with lots of details of birds and the outdoors.
The Evil Queen/Regina does tend to stick with the color palette we associate with those Disney villains: deep reds, blues and purples with a lot of black. That doesn't mean she doesn't look classy even though she's evil! I love the look of her office the best out of all the design on Once Upon A Time. The color scheme of black, white and gray makes the room look icy and a little scary. The wooded wallpaper is perfection too. Simple pops of red throughout the room suggest her affinity for those poisonous red apples too.
Our hero, Emma, so far has a very laid back style and not much more to claim than some simple shirts, jeans, boots and a red leather jacket. I like her simplicity and envy that awesome red jacket. I'm convinced it has a meaning that I can't put my finger on yet.
I put together some interior items and some different clothing styles inspired by the show for you. If you were a fairy tale character and didn't know it, who would you be?

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